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Risks: A Part of Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Human growth hormone diseases are treated by certain products, supplements and different methods. HGH diseases are basically classified into two; GH deficiency and excessive GH. These diseases often result to growth abnormalities in the person who has the disease.

The side effects of the different procedures and methods (i.e., surgery, pituitary irradiation) are explained right after the discussions of each procedure. The side effects of HGH supplements and product that are made available in the market are not totally explained in their respective descriptions. These HGH products all claim that they benefit the consumer with regards to aging, raising HGH levels and increasing muscle mass. However, only few of the consumer market actually know the risk that they are plunging to if they buy HGH supplements.

HGH supplements have a variety of side effects. Side effects often vary between individuals because of the different responses from each individual. Other individuals may be allergic to a specific ingredient while otherís respond in a different way. Side effects of HGH supplements range from chronic diseases, mild diseases and even fatal outcomes. Unguided using of HGH products may result to acromegaly, damage to liver and thyroid gland, being diabetic, hair growth over the body and swelling of the heart.

One of the fatal side effects of HGH supplements is the increase in blood pressure. People who have a history of hypertension are prone to this side effect. People who are undergoing a diet with HGH supplements should pay close attention to their blood pressures. Hypertension is a deadly disease and has claimed many lives in the world.

Another side effect of HGH supplements is diabetes. Diabetes is concerned with rise and fall of blood sugar levels. People who are diabetic should do some precautionary measures before taking supplements. They should consult a doctor if HGH supplements are beneficial or detrimental to their health.

Disturbed sleep is also a side effect of HGH supplements. While others claim that HGH makes sleep wonderful, disturbance in the sleep cycle of an individual still manifests after taking HGH supplements. The disturbance of sleep can be partly referred to as an onset of dreaming or the sensitiveness of an individual to the increase in dopamine and other drugs.

Other side effects of HGH supplements may include breast enlargement in men, organ enlargement and these supplements can also trigger heart failure.

There are many supplements that are advertised through the internet and other publications. All of these supplements claim that they can reverse the aging process, augment deficiencies in HGH levels and increase muscle mass in the individual. These supplements are available in different kinds; injectables, oral sprays, pills and natural herbal releasers.

One of the powers that these supplements use to attract consumers is the ability to reverse aging. People are too obsessed on the possibility of being young again that they have opened doors to these supplements to penetrate their lives. Another attraction of these supplements is their assumed capability to increase muscle mass and to stimulate the production of more lean muscle tissue. Most of all, these supplements attract consumers by offering discounted prices and promos.

Human growth hormone supplements are very common nowadays. The existence of these supplements can be mainly attributed to the different functions and possibilities that it offers to human. Nonetheless, people should not be too gullible and believe whatever the advertisement says. Researching on HGH and HGH supplements is the best and most possible way to obtain information about these products.


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