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Metabolism With The Help Of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone’s role in the growth processes can not be denied. It plays a major role in determining and reaching the ideal height of an individual. Nonetheless, the HGH is not only useful in the growth processes but in other processes of the body.

Because of its name, many people think that the only aim of the growth hormone is to stimulate growth processes. The HGH is not only confined to its role in growth processes, it also plays a lot of roles in many metabolism processes.

Metabolism is the breakdown of food into simple substances that can be used by the body in certain processes. It is a chemical process that breaks down some substances to be able to get energy and to process specific substances. Some of the roles of the growth hormone in metabolism are to deliver molecules, conserve sugars, build proteins and breaks fat.

The growth hormone specifically plays a role in the following metabolism processes:

1.) Protein metabolism
2.) Fat metabolism
3.) Carbohydrate metabolism

Protein metabolism concerns the breakdown of protein and differentiating the useful part from the excretion products. Growth hormone fuels the protein anabolism in tissues. This role of the GH is seen in the amino acid uptake, protein synthesis and oxidation of proteins. In fat metabolism, the GH advances the operation of fat by motivating the breakdown of triglyceride and adipocytes oxidation. Carbohydrate metabolism concerns the breakdown of glucose into energy that will be used by the body.

This metabolism can be anaerobic or aerobic. The growth hormone aids in carbohydrate metabolism by maintaining the blood glucose level within the normal range. The GH is referred to as having an anti insulin activity due to the fact that it restrains the capabilities of the insulin to fuel uptake of glucose.

It is because of these metabolism processes that adults still need HGH when they reach old age. HGH is important in avoiding diabetes, chronic diseases and osteoporosis. Although HGH is continuously secreted for growth processes, growth processes can not be fulfilled in adults because the bones have closed for further growth. It is in these metabolism processes that an individual can see the effects of HGH.

Some people tend to overlook these functions and focus on the functions of HGH in growth development. Nonetheless, the metabolic functions of the HGH should not be neglected because metabolism is as important as the growth processes. Every process in our body is important in maintaining a balanced body composition.

HGH metabolic roles are also important to adults and should not be neglected. Aging comes with the difficulty to eat, to chew and even to digest the food that a person ate. Maintaining a normal level of HGH gives benefit to the adults. Throughout a man’s life, the human growth hormone level should be given outmost attention because they control important processes in the human body.

The functioning of HGH in metabolism processes is also affected by the level of HGH present in an individual. Health measures should be observed like avoiding stress, observing proper nutrition and doing exercises.

The growth and metabolism functions of the human growth hormone go hand in hand. While the HGH is the main controller of the growth processes, it doesn’t limit itself to that function. It also aids in metabolism processes that also contributes to the growth processes. These functions of the HGH is a two way street: they benefit each other.


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