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Keeping Children’s Human Growth Hormone Normal

Human growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that primarily affects the growth of every individual. This hormone, together with thyroid and sex hormones, determine the final height of a human. HGH production rapidly increases during the childhood and puberty years. It is also commonly secreted at the start of sleep and is secreted in burst.

HGH is found in every individual. It is unique in every species therefore; human growth hormones are different from animal growth hormones. There is a fixed range of HGH that needs to be present in an individual to be able to optimize his potential for growth. However, not all individuals have the right number of hormones to grow normally. There are cases where in HGH is deficient or excessive. The excess or deficiency in HGH results to diseases and affects the human’s growth.

Growth hormone deficiency can happen in both children and adults. Children with brain tumors, Prader Wili syndrome and genetic defects are at risk to have this deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency in children often results to growth abnormalities which are composed of delayed teenage years, delayed secondary tooth eruption and short physique. Growth hormone deficiency can be classified into four types:

1.) Classic
2.) Hypothalamic
3.) Functional
4.) Idiopathic

Classic GHD is often referred to as pituitary GHD and comprises of the inability of the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. The malfunction of the hypothalamus to make or spread the neuroendocrine messaging hormone characterizes the Hypothalamic GHD. Functional GHD is the break down of other hormone and functions of metabolism that causes the incapability of the pituitary gland to utilize or secrete growth hormones.

A child with growth hormone deficiency often manifests the disease in his physical characteristics. He is often small, with an immature face and a chubby body. The growth rate of all body parts in every child that has GHD is very slow to make his body proportion normal.

Another type of human growth hormone disease in children is the excessive number of HGH. This disease is often referred to as gigantism and is extremely rare compared to growth hormone deficiency. Gigantism is characterized by overly tall stature for children. Other manifestations of the disease are enlarging head size and a high up forehead.

The deficiency and excessive presence of growth hormones in children can be detected and examined through several procedures. The usage of weight and growth chart is vital in determining the height range of a child according to their age. Any child who is smaller than his predicted height in the chart or is as tall as children two years younger than him should be tested by a physician. The earlier the growth hormone deficiency or excess is identified, the easier it is to cure or even to prevent further damages.

Children who have abnormal height are evaluated by pediatric endocrinologists. The evaluation includes observing the growth rate of a child in a given period of time, determining the history of puberty in the family of the child and details about the birth of the child. An alternative way of testing for human growth hormone diseases is measuring the amount of growth hormone through blood samples. This method involves the hospitalization of the child in able to gather blood samples in 24 hours.

The presence of human growth hormone in children is important for their proper growth. Manifestations of growth hormone diseases can be easily seen through observing a child. It is up to parents to be watchful of their children. Regularly check your child’s height. If any abnormalities are present, be sure to consult a doctor. With proper guidance and under a watchful eye, human growth hormone diseases in children can be prevented and cured.


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