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Human Growth Hormone: The Popular Test

Human growth hormone diseases can be determined through administering tests on individuals. Human growth hormone is the hormone responsible for growth and plays a role in metabolism processes. It is secreted by the pituitary gland and considered to be a major product of the gland. Human growth hormone is commonly referred to as somatotropin.

HGH diseases are present in forms of excess or deficiency of the hormone. Basically, HGH deficiency gives low stature to an individual and excessive HGH is related to gigantism. There are different methods of treating HGH diseases. The treatment of an individual with HGH disease can be more effective if the disease is identified earlier.

There are different tests that are used to find out if an individual has HGH disease. One of these tests is the Growth Hormone Simulation Test (GHST). GHST is used to determine the individualís ability to produce HGH. There are several purposes of the GHST test. Some of these are:

1.) To identify delayed puberty
2.) To monitor the functioning of the pituitary gland
3.) To help in the analysis of pituitary tumors and gigantism
4.) To assess HGH therapy

Before adhering to the test, an individual must abstain from any activity that might affect his HGH levels. There are drugs that must be avoided because they decrease or increase the HGH level. Amphetamines, dopamines and corticosteroids are drugs to be avoided before the test. The patient must also avoid being stressed, avoid exercising or going into a diet because these factors affect the HGH level. The patient must also abstain from eating or drinking after midnight before the test.

A normal person with a low level of HGH before the test doesnít necessarily mean that he has a disease. The level of HGH of a patient is bound to increase after simulation. If the level doesnít increase after simulation, then the patient is recommended for other tests and will be examined for other symptoms of HGH disease.

GHST involves the injection of insulin-induced hypoglycemia or HGH releasing factor to stimulate the secretion of HGH. Blood samples are taken five times after the injection of a stimulant. These blood samples are used in determining the HGH level of a patient.

During the test, a patient may experience sweating and sleepiness. A minor distress is also expected to be felt after the test. There are also cases of ketosis and a disturbance of the bodyís acid-base balance that is associated with GHST. A patient may also experience too much bleeding, fainting, blood accumulation under the skin and infection. However, all of these side effects can be avoided with proper and keen observation form the administering doctor.

The GHST is one of the frequently used tests in determining HGH diseases. However, it is merely a test to determine the HGH level and the pituitary glandís capacity to produce HGH. A fixed HGH level is used as parameter to determine if a patient has HGH deficiency. Normal results vary with sex and age. If a patient falls below the normal results, he is recommended for diagnosis and treatment.

Undergoing a test is not the cure for HGH diseases. The tests are only the start of treating HGH diseases. All people are at risk of acquiring Human growth diseases. People who notice abnormalities in their height or muscle mass should immediately submit themselves for a test. It is never too late to prevent HGH diseases.


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