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Human Growth Hormone: The Latest Wonder Drug For Youth

It seems there's no stopping the beauty industry. From plastic surgery to photoshopping debaucheries, today's generation is becoming the new example for risqué enhancements all in the name of attractiveness. In extremity, many women, and men for that matter, seek answers to questions most of its older generation were always afraid to ask, questions like 'How do we stop the aging process?', 'Is there a wonder drug out there somewhere?' and if so 'How do we gain access to it?' are becoming usual topics in commercial media such as magazines and the Internet.

Fortunately, information as vital as this isn't forbidden fruit anymore. Many believe that indeed, the wonder drug has been discovered and it comes in the form of HGH products now available in the market.


What exactly is HGH? HGH stands for Human Growth Hormones or Somatropin, a natural hormone produced by the body in the pituitary gland. Although considered minute in size, this small endocrine gland found at the base of the brain is responsible for many imperative human body processes leading of which is growth and rejuvenation, followed by functions such as:

• Metabolic food-energy conversion
• Blood pressure regulation
• Higher Immunity function
• Superior sexual performance
• Pregnancy and Birth Stimulation of Contractions

As individuals start to age however, the production of HGH by the pituitary gland starts to slow down and in effect, the maintenance of tissues and organs of the body is reduced. For the middle-aged market, this means less skin elasticity and more wrinkles, less fat burned and more flab and less energy, so the individual becomes more susceptible to depression.

Many diseases such as diabetes, HIV-related muscle wasting, Sheehan syndrome, brain injuries and hemorrhages are all caused by an underproduction of HGH by the pituitary gland.


Due to man's need to regain youth and all that comes with it, the popularity of synthetic HGH products have been hyped up lately with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Suzanne Somers, Mary J. Blige and even Oprah Winfrey all paying homage to the wonder drug.

Coming in different forms such as oral sprays, releasers and injections, these products claim to assist natural bodily processes by increasing HGH levels as those experienced in the peaks of human puberty.

Injections, considered to be the most effective, requires a doctor's prescription to purchase. Its direct application in the subcutaneous skin level is easily absorbed by the body and is almost immediately felt. Because of this, it is also the most expensive $800 to $3,000 per month. Small, effective doses are considered the most effective at 4-8 IU per week or 0.5 IU at 2 doses for 6 days.

Attending physicians need to keep close watch though as different side effects have been known to pop up in different age brackets. Too high a dosage for the older market may cause permanent damage.

Oral sprays, considered to be the most convenient to take, does not contain straight HGH. Because it is readily available in the market and can be bought without prescription, natural HGH may be too dangerous considering self-diagnosis by most customers. What oral sprays contain is a combination of amino acids (coming from the 191 natural amino acids) that is processed by the body to stimulate the brain to produce HGH. Taken in via the mouth or nose, these amino acids are inhaled and travel from the bloodstream to the brain to trigger HGH production. For some people, an effect is immediately felt by the body while for others, it takes about one to 6 months for any changes to be felt.

Pills, being the least expensive, are also considered as the least effective for HGH consumption. Because the pill undergoes digestion in the large intestine, the contained amino acid in its solid substance is also broken down and may lose all its effective properties.


The effectivity of HGH has been contested by several parties however. Not all believe that HGH is the ultimate solution to aging problems. In fact, it is still considered illegal in some countries like Australia where further tests have to be developed before fully releasing it commercially.

Comparing it to the effect of anabolic steroids, studies have shown that many dangerous side effects have been connected to it such as swelling in the internal organs, insulin resistance, abnormal enlargement in bone density, fluid retention, liver damage and the likes.


With any drug, it is best that the taking of it be backed up by a physician's advice, constant research and marked testimonials from people who've had prior experience taking it. If the high stakes for beauty and youth is a price worth paying, then HGH is a worthy investment. Otherwise, maybe the age-old formula of balanced nutrition, healthy exercise and a childlike mindset is still the best road to take.


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