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Human Growth Hormone: The Evolution Of Products

Human growth hormone diseases are diseases that concern the deficiency in HGH or the excess in HGH. These diseases, especially the HGH deficiency, are very common in children. Due to the proliferation of these diseases, different pharmaceutical companies have manufactured their own products in able to cure or prevent these diseases.

The first treatment on a HGH disease was done on a 17 year old boy with HGH deficiency. The method of treatment used was the cadaver-GH which involved purifying growth hormone from a dead body. The treatment was successful although it had the Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease as a side effect. Since then, researchers have looked for alternative methods to battle the HGH disease.

Many companies came up with their own brand of HGH products. One of these companies is Genentech. Genentech developed and named their product Nutropin. Nutropin was an injectable and was produced using the recombinant DNA technology (rDNA). It has the same sequence of amino acid that is secreted in the body. Nutropin is available by prescription only and are for children and teenagers who have growth failure. Nutropin is used in treating patients, who do not make enough HGH in their body, whose bones are still capable of growing tall according to their ideal height and who has Turner syndrome.

Nutropin is not recommended for people who have tumors, people who have finished growing, people who have eye disease and diabetes and Prader Willi syndrome. Taking nutropin has possible side effects like discomfort on the injection site, scoliosis, joint pain, headache and allergic reaction

Another product that was developed for HGH disease is the Humatrope. Humatrope is also an rDNA product. Humatrope is produced by the Eli Lilly Company who introduced the product at the same time of the introduction of Nutropin. Humatrope like Nutropin have certain safety precautions. Humatrope should not be used in patients with tumor, patients who are severely obese, who have respiratory sicknesses and patients who have diabetes.

Genotropin is another product for HGH diseases. Genotropin claims that it is the only man made rDNA product. It is ideally for children with HGH deficiency, children with the Prader-Willi syndrome, girls with Turner syndrome and children who have idiopathic stature. Like other products, Genotropin is also injected in the patient.

Another product that is available in the market is Tev-tropin. Tev-tropin is designed for children who have growth hormone deficiency. Tev-Tropin is produced in a lab and made up of amino acids that functions as the missing growth hormone in the patientís body.

With all the available products in the market to treat Human growth hormone diseases, there is a big possibility that HGH diseases can be cured. HGH products present a whole new world for individuals who have the disease. However, individuals respond to HGH products differently. The response of an individual to a product may depend on;

1.) Growth condition
2.) Age
3.) Growth Hormone level before intake of a product
4.) Genetic factors
5.) Dosage of product
6.) Length of treatment

Although almost all of these human growth hormone products claim that they can cure HGH diseases, consumers should be critical on choosing the right product for their child or for themselves. Deceptive and false advertising are hard to mask off and it is the consumerís prerogative to be critical in analyzing the claims of these products.


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