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Human Growth Hormone: Does It Really Affect The Aging Process?

Human growth hormone is a very important hormone with regards to growth and metabolism processes. This hormone dictates the growth of an individual.

According to researchers, HGH is also important in reversing the effects of aging. They claim that HGH supplements return the vibrant feel of being young again, strengthens the bones and increases muscle mass. However, these results are subject to doubt and scrutiny nowadays.

The question is why is HGH associated with the possibility to reverse aging, to slow it or even to stop it? HGH is produced in the anterior part of the pituitary gland and helps in maintaining tissues and organs throughout the life of an individual. The HGH secretion is in its peak during childhood and on the onset of the puberty years. The secretion of HGH during these years is the main reason why individuals grow during this period in their life. However, it is said that once a person reaches middle age, the HGH secretion lessens thus providing less possibility in growth and other processes that the HGH affects.

Human growth hormone products and supplements are identified as anti aging products also. Nonetheless, these products are primarily for adults and children who have growth hormone deficiency and acromegaly or gigantism. It was never written in the prescription that these products are to be taken as anti-aging supplements.

There are not many studies regarding HGH and anti aging. Some studies show that taking HGH supplements can contribute to increase muscle size and reduces the body fat. These results however do not directly transcribe to stronger and healthier body. Human growth hormone can affect the healthy individualís health in terms of swelling, joint and muscle pain and enlargement of breast for men.

It is a very fascinating and intriguing possibility that HGH supplements aside from helping people with HGH disease can contribute to the revival of youth. Where this idea did came from? Researches in the benefits of HGH in the anti aging process started when an article in New England Journal of Medicine appeared in 1990. The article disclosed that HGH improved the muscle tone and body composition of 12 old men. This article pioneered the news about HGH and anti-aging. Soon, different products surfaced and claimed things that would stop the aging process.

There is no denying that almost every people want to reverse aging or even stop the clock at certain points in their life. These HGH supplements open possibilities to the people who want to stay and feel the beauty of youth again. However, these possibilities may cause a fortune. HGH supplements that claim that they can reverse aging are done in injections that cost up to $25 dollars per injection.

HGH products are used to cure HGH diseases. Aging is not a HGH disease. It is a natural process that is bound to happen. Everyone ages with time. Time moves forward and never backwards. The possibility of human growth hormone supplements as products for anti-aging again opens the debate between nature and science. If these supplements indeed reverse aging, then science had defied the nature of aging. However, it is still early to assume anything since there is no evidence that these supplements truly reverse aging.

Whether they reverse it or not, these products are still useful for the treatment of HGH diseases.


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