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Human Growth Hormone: Abusing The Possibilities

Human growth hormone, a hormone produced in the pituitary gland is very useful. Aside from performing itís duties in the growth processes, it also helps in metabolism. Furthermore, it is also used in treating HGH diseases.

HGH diseases vary from HGH deficiency and HGH excess. These diseases have existed long before HGH had been used as an instrument for treatment. The utilization of HGH as a cure has proven to be successful in the medical world. The first method of treatment, cadaver-GH, bloomed but it was deserted as a method because of its dangerous side effects. When this method proved to be dangerous, researchers looked for other alternative methods and found genetic engineering. Genetic engineering resulted to the HGH products and supplements that we know of today.

While HGH products and supplements are very beneficial to a human, these benefits end when an individual starts abusing the use of HGH. What is actually HGH abuse and how it is performed by an individual?

Abuse is to use something wrongly or incorrect. Drug abuse is using a drug that it illegal and using drugs in improper dosages. In the case of HGH products, abuse is done when other people use it without medical prescription or the guidance of a doctor.

HGH abuse is manifested in three scenarios; elderly people using the HGH products, athletes who use HGH and people using the products for their own gratification. HGH products and supplements have been approved for medical purposes particularly treating HGH diseases. But, it has not been approved as anti-aging product or performance enhancer.

Old people are prone to abuse HGH products because of their desire to slow down the aging process. They are made to believe that increasing human growth hormone levels will result in the reversal of aging. They believe that the intake of HGH can increase muscle mass, lean muscle tissue, energy levels and can produce a younger looking skin. However, these claims have not been truly proven.

The manifestation of the HGH abuse in the elderly people is simple. Their vulnerability to believe in advertisements and their desire to stay young is making them too gullible to succumb to the deceptive nature of advertising. HGH products and supplements claim that they can give beneficial results to halt aging process but these are not all true.

Another group that is prone to abuse HGH products and supplements are the athletes. Majority of the athletes want to perform well in able to contribute to the success of their team. They also want to achieve fame. The use of steroids has been banned from the sports world because it was proven that it really increased performance. HGH products and supplements have also been banned but there was no proof that it actually increases performance. Athletes tend to use the HGH supplements because of its perceived effect to muscle mass and strength. These increases however do not necessarily equate to increased performance.

Other groups that actually believe on the powers of HGH and abuse it are the parents. Parents who want their children to perform well and to grow taller use these products without proper prescription.

HGH abuse is clearly manifesting itself in different scenarios. What is common is that the HGH supplements have not been approved to be used in all of the situations mentioned and the use of HGH is not monitored by a doctor. Human growth hormone products have only been approved for medical purposes. Most of all the advertisements promoting HGH supplements as anti-aging and performance enhancers are just scam to sell a product. Do not take HGH supplements without prescription. Consult your doctor first.


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