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Growing Up With Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone has been identified for its effect on the growth processes in the human body. Growth hormone as the name suggests itself is primarily concerned with the ideal height of an individual. Now, how does HGH actually play in the growth process?

HGH is a protein hormone that has a 190 amino acids sequence. It is a major product of the anterior pituitary gland and is produced by cells called somatotrophs. Aside from the HGH, there are other hormones that are involved in the growth process thus making it more complex than other processes. In general, the growth hormone excites tissues like the liver to secrete Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF-1). This product then stimulates the propagation of cartilage cells which results in bone growth.

In addition to this, the growth hormone has a direct effect in bone growth in the initiation of the differentiation of the cartilage cells. More than just bone growth, the IGF-1 also affects muscle growth. The IGF-1 fuels the breeding of myoblasts and stimulates protein synthesis and the uptake of amino acid.

There are different hypothesis as to how the growth hormone truly affects growth processes. All of these theories include the IGF-1 which is the mediator of GH to the actual growth processes. One of these hypotheses is the Somatomedin hypothesis. This hypothesis asserts that the GH motivates the production of the IGF-1 in the liver and other extra skeletal tissues.

Then, the IGF-1 is delivered to the growth plate and works as an endocrine factor and arbitrates all the actions of the growth hormone with regards to promoting growth. The other, dual effectors theory, asserts that the growth hormone plays a straight role at the growth plate where it supports the differentiation of different cells while stimulating the fusion and secretion of IGF-1.

The growth hormone also plays a role in maintaining a healthy bone density to decrease the possibility of osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Although the growth hormone is the major player in the growth process of the human body, there are still other body hormones that help in the growth process. These hormones interact with other glands and substances to aid the growth hormone. Examples of these hormones are the thyroid hormones, the sex hormones and the follicle stimulating hormone.

The growth hormone continues to be secreted even as human bones have closed and have stopped growing. The reason why children grow at ages before and during puberty is that the HGH is produced at peak levels during those years of an individual. Growth hormones are also secreted at the onset of sleep so there is a bit of truth when elders say that children should sleep earlier to grow taller. HGH secretion lessens when a person enters his middle ages. Along with the decrease in secretion of HGH come the symptoms of aging as people grow old. Because HGH contributes in bone growth and density, the status of the human bone is affected with the significant decrease in HGH.

Aside from the internal processes that are involved in the growth process, there are also certain factors that contribute to the process. Some of these factors include, stress, lack of sleep, proper diet, exercise and the growth hormone itself. Some aberrations in the growth process are frequently caused by the deficiency or excess in Human growth hormone.


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