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Entering The World Of Sports: Human Growth Hormone Products Banned

Human growth hormone’s primary endeavor is to control the growth processes of the individual. It dictates the height of an individual and plays a role in different metabolic processes. However, HGH is not confined to these roles as science has delegated other roles to it.

The first role is HGH as a weapon against aging. Aging is often considered by others as a disease that needs to be prevented. HGH supplements have been designed to increase HGH levels to provide elder people the characteristics of being a youth again.

Another role of the HGH is the alleged effects of the hormone to the performance of an athlete. Athletes have been using HGH supplements to enhance their performance in different sports. Athletes who used HGH were banned in the 1988 Tour de France because of the enhancement effects of the hormone. HGH is known to have an effect in bone density, muscle mass and the whole body composition.

HGH has been banned from the sports world like steroid. But what are the differences of steroid and HGH? Anabolic steroids have been proven to truly increase an athlete’s performance. On the other hand, there are still doubts about the effectiveness of HGH supplements and its effect to the body. Recent studies show that taking HGH does not really affect the athlete’s performance at all. Increased muscle mass, denser bone composition and increase in lean body tissue does not necessarily equate to better performance. Another difference is that steroids have many side effects while experts say that HGH has few side effects and is not harmful to the body.

Although HGH intake has significant effects in the exercise aptitude of an athlete, these effects do not equate to the improvement of performance in an athlete. These effects include increase in lactate levels, levels of plasma free fatty acids during exercise, higher heart rate during exercise and higher maximum aspiratory pressure at rest.

The possession of HGH supplement or product is considered a violation in the sports world. Possession of these products can ruin one’s career and dreams.HGH is a banned product in almost all sports.

Athletes who have been found to be possessing HGH supplements have been banned from their respective sports. These athletes are accused of enhancing their performance through the involvement of drugs. However, the officials that banned these athletes ought to look at the effects of HGH and decide if the punishment on the athletes is just.

Athletes must also review the effects of HGH supplements. Why sacrifice your career if there is no assurance that these HGH supplements truly work and can give you benefits? Experts say that there is a better way to obtain HGH than to patronize HGH supplements.

According to studies, the secretion of HGH hormone can be increased naturally. Some of the steps to do to optimize HGH secretion are to sleep early, observe proper diet, and avoid being stressed and proper exercise. Stress, sleep and exercise are some of the factors that affect the amount of secretion of the HGH.

Human growth hormone is indeed explored for its many uses. Since it was discovered, it had been the subject of researchers to know every possible function that it serves in the body. Athletes had believed that HGH can increase athletic performance but this belief doesn’t have a scientific basis. As far as athletic performance is concern, it is still best for athletes to show their true potential without the help of any drug or supplement.


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